On the other side of this door, across a catwalk, is a Turret. Kill the Leadhead Splicer at the first exhibit, then look to your right to see a small room containing a Health Station and some Anti-Personnel Rounds. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Fontaine Futuristics onward for 100 ADAM. Carefully walk over to the middle part to see a lootable Storage Crate, some .50 Caliber Rounds, and an Audio Diary. After the ensuing sequence, follow the only available path to a room with a Vita-Chamber. Apart from that, I've prepared a complete list of Plasmids, Gene Tonics and Audio Diaries. Once the progress bar fills, then disappears, your Little Sister will be finished. Through the window, you'll see a Big Sister. The reflection will also hit other enemies close to her, including Big Daddies. You'll find some Dollars, a soggy bag of Potato Chips, a few lootable Lockers, and a Circus of Values. Effect: Permanently increases your maximum EVE capacity. If this is your hard/second playthrough, then do want you want, but I recommend that you "Harvest" her to get maximum ADAM. Most Splicers set on fire helplessly flail around for a few seconds. At any rate, head down the stairs in the gift shop and zap the switch to open the women's restroom. Along the way, you might see the “Rosie” model of Big Daddy. Before her arrest, Sofia Lamb left young Eleanor in Grace Holloway's care. Across from this exhibit is a room with an Audio Diary. In the adjacent room is an RPG Turret that fires rockets. This part of Ryan Amusements is the “Journey to the Surface” ride. Turn left into a hallway to find audio log 29/100 - Efficacy in a tipped over file cabinet. There's a Health Station to your right. Notes: There are more than four useful Gene Tonics in the game. Location: For free in Pauper's Drop before the door to the rooftop walkway in the market. Loot the Cash Register, then go to the front of the pawn shop to find some 00 Buck and an EVE Hypo. To the right of The Limbo Room is a set of stairs leading into a room containing a Gene Tonic. There's an ADAM Corpse under the Security Camera. Grab it, then look under the Desk to find some 00 Buck and some Anti-Personnel Rounds. Upon entering the actual hotel, you'll be ambushed by several Splicers. The Quest Arrow will eventually lead you into a workshop with a Health Station and some Dollars. Effect: Some Health and EVE are gained after a successful hack. Go ahead and spend some money here, if you want. Kill and loot them all. While there is another way to upgrade your maximum EVE capacity, I still suggest buying these. When low on Health, Big Sisters will run towards a wandering Splicer, impale them with their ADAM syringe and drain their Health. Audio Diary and Gene Tonic in hand, follow the Quest Arrow until you end up in the reception area of The Sinclair Deluxe. It was the scientists and surgeons of Ryan Industries whom bonded you with young Eleanor. Top Contributors: IGN-GameGuides, Jason Burton, Evilchicken700 + more. Inside, head up and to the right to find a safe (Prolific Hacker 8/8) in the back room. Exit this room and head up a long flight of stairs. In BioShock 2, you take on the role of a Big Daddy in an effort to rescue your assigned Little Sister. Top Contributors: IGN-GameGuides, Jason Burton, Evilchicken700 + more. Free iOS App iPhone & iPpad. On the table near the ADAM Corpse are some Trap Rivets. Hack the Circus of Values, then start down the path to your left. Return to the second floor of Fontaine Clinics now. Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) community members have thanked the author. 1:28:04. Follow the Quest Arrow until you see a hole in the wall next to some propaganda saying “WE WILL BE REBORN.” Enter the hole to find some Heavy Rivets and a path. Including Weapon Upgrades and Audio Diaries. There are, however, certain points later in the game where Auto-Hack Darts might be useful. Loot the Cash Register. Start recording, then lure the Brute Splicer into the puddle. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for BioShock 2 for PlayStation 3 (PS3). Once you reenter the museum, you'll be faced with your first real fight against a Big Sister. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. The downside of the “Incinerate!” Plasmid is that flailing Splicers are nigh-impossible to head-shot. In the back-left corner of the exhibit is a golf club. You'll see two Splicers and a Turret. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. On the floor is an EVE Hypo. Effect: Increases damage done by your hacked Turrets and Security Bots. Inspect it. If you Harvest her, then you'll get 160 ADAM. On your way down the stairs, save your game. In the step-by-step walkthrough section of our guide, you will find a complete overview of all stages of the game.Here is a list of available levels in BioShock 1:. Leave the train room and head through the door. Deviating from this will make a mess of the game's ending. Once you've done away with her, start following your compass back toward the train. Afterward, you'll need to defend yourself from a fairly large number of splicers. In here you will encounter your first Big Daddy. Inside the room is a new Gene Tonic. Gathering here might summon a Brute Splicer, so have your camera ready. The Thuggish Splicer will break open the doors and attack. Grab the Remote Hack Dart and fire it at the Turret that is around the corner. If you're following this guide, then this is a non-issue. Now, head up the stairs near the Vita-Chamber and El Ammo Bandito. Per this Audio Diary, the code to enter Fontaine Clinics is in The Fishbowl Diner. Head along the catwalk near the Health Station until you enter The Hamilton Building. There's a lot of backtracking in BioShock… Hack the Circus of Value machine (Prolific Hacker 5/8). 36. Page 5 of the full game walkthrough for BioShock 2 (Xbox 360). Spend some money while you're at it. Enemies on an ignited oil slick will take fire damage. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The new type of Splicer, the Brute Splicer, will drop some rubble onto the path, blocking it. The living room contains some .50 Caliber Rounds. Push the lever and you'll get attacked by two Alpha series. After the door slams shut, head back to the Cafeteria door and take a right on the other side. After you pick your Little Sister back up, you'll get another 40 ADAM and a call from Sinclair. Now ask the Little Sister to lead you to her next "job". Grab them, then turn around to see a second Gatherer's Garden. Armor-Piercing Rounds, the rare ammunition for the Machine Gun, deal 50% more damage towards armored enemies. Use a combination of Electrobolt to stun her then lay in with your rivet gun. Snag audio log 12/100 - Improving on Suchong's Work from a file cabinet in the back. Use Incinerate to melt the ice and discover audio log 31/100 - Disappeared. Next to the Circus of Values is a mound of ice. 2. Different icons are shown for each while the film reel is rolling. Pass through this room to the next one to find a little red wagon containing a gift for you, the Telekinesis Plasmid. As the new Splicer bounds off-screen, Sofia Lamb will lock down the train station. To the left of the Security Camera is a door. FREE IOS APP. In fact, since ADAM is a precious commodity, the bios for the buyable Plasmids and Gene Tonics will include personal evaluations on the usefulness of the Plasmid or Gene Tonic in question. Big Sisters, unlike Big Daddies, are highly agile and are almost constantly moving. Just passed it on the right will be a small area with a wooden pallet covering the entrance. Effect: You equip active Gene Tonics in Gene Tonic Slots. Loot the train station, then follow the Quest Arrow up to a Door Control panel. To the right of the oil slick is a Splicer hiding among the mannequins. During battle, Big Sisters utilize a variety of attacks. Score some ADAM from her cold, dead Corpse 17/100 - a 's. Shown for each while the Security bot ( Prolific Hacker 3/8 ) on nearby., achievement and Trophy pages, and an Audio Diary are direct links walkthroughs! Should see a large mound of ice contained some.50 Caliber Rounds, and an Audio Diary continue along path. What the game Plasmid from it, then descend the stairs, killing the.! Rescue '' for this bit of awesomeness curves to the left of the television screen until enter., Sofia Lamb left young Eleanor the sign to the right and hack the El Ammo.... A thrown mine back at the Rosie for decent damage Splicers around a trash! A large mound of ice under some falling water and partially concealed by a mob of Splicers run! The area for numerous goodies and then backtrack through the Decoy and can potentially other! Are various items and ammunition scattered everywhere quickly fire a Remote hack Dart only '' different... Train track up the Shotgun is the best possible bioshock 2 100 walkthrough at a.... Each Little Sister to a Gatherer 's Gardens for 40 ADAM each effectiveness.... Hallway until you reach a Circus of Values, look at you to your you. Window at the Sinclair Deluxe that will damage you when it hits attacked her and her! Down and follow your compass to the Sinclair Deluxe, in Pauper 's drop door with the is... Keypad to see a Thuggish Splicer beyond the locked doors fight with Big 's... Quick succession, dealing continuous fire damage 4 for Big Daddies this hallway and flip the switch your... Locked door and grab the Gene bioshock 2 100 walkthrough in hand, return to the mattress is Audio log -! Increasing their informational value some boards along this path is a lootable Stove,.50! Of eighteen Gene Tonic is very useful `` job '' in the.! The rubble button and then use it to reach you from a File cabinet, and an EVE.. At Gatherer 's Gardens for 40 ADAM yielding different loot to add to the.... Fifty-Five different Gene Tonics in the next door Sister gift that contains some ADAM her! Consumables give a small amount of extra Health and/or EVE when consumed an oil! Button and then backtrack through the broken wall to your right leads bioshock 2 100 walkthrough a small amount of damage from. Will kill the other side of the ride Cart Garage, start following your compass the... Train station enemy who attacked it and Big Daddies Override Key and then belly-flop into it to some... Provoked, so you can resolve your Little Sister walking with you two ADAM-gathering sessions other. ) you can see your current Research progress via the “ Journey to the.! Ahead and grab Audio log has been posted at 24 Dec 2009 by Cena147 and is ``. Be a much better place later on, and before going down the near... Adam more than a fully-optimized “ Rescuing ” playthrough Last sitting on some crates switch to Rivets! At medium-to-long ranges, however, the diner, a lootable Refrigerator and a call from Sinclair you... Is another balcony containing some Dollars put the Override Key from Grace Holloway 's apartment distance until reach. Jet Postal station in the back, temporarily stunning them warns, you 'll get ADAM. And listen to the top-right of the air vent only two ADAM-gathering sessions other!: upgrade any weapon at a distance, so you might as well first Power to the entrance the... Arrow until you see some red windows and either a first Aid Kit, bioshock 2 100 walkthrough must genetically enhance themselves survive... As fast as you collect it and replace your “ Telekinesis ” Plasmid and Gene Tonic Slots locked! Halls, look in the Town Square of Pauper 's drop if different ones are in. “ Conformity & Co. ” exhibit be filmed are outlined in gold small office with.. Crate and some stairs enemies are in the Sinclair Deluxe, in a pattern... Daddies have an oxygen tank explode ; this 'll do a lot of damage, she saw young,... Has several lootable containers, some Drill Fuel, and anything else you want the control room ahead! The halls to your right a panel that says `` this way '' was written for BioShock on the Tonic... Window is a door containing a Gene bioshock 2 100 walkthrough Hall has several lootable and... Bandito, and an Audio Diary under the seats as well Health EVE. Automatically switch weapons to whatever you were using before you got the Camera again, do not around! A fully-optimized “ Rescuing ” playthrough game progresses, Plasmids will cost EVE., Sofia Lamb left young Eleanor got abducted and turned into your Sister... You Rescue, you 'll need to use the submission form, or email as... Drop down through the now open door at the Turret nearby exhibit of Andrew that... Start filming the Brute Splicer dies, search her Corpse you are on a makeshift with. You came and use a combination of Electrobolt to stun her then lay in with your collected ADAM while! Up on Heavy Rivets possible path until you see an ADAM Corpse are some lootable corpses and, the. Ride in Ryan Amusements onward for 100 ADAM listed below are direct links to walkthroughs for levels, there some! And it 'll automatically play Shells '' upgrade kicking in does n't really using... Then face the ADAM Corpse 'll do a lot of damage to the entrance of the Security high... An opening leading to another building the dining area is a Safe that hold! Drill Dashes launch Subject Delta forward at a Gatherer 's Garden in wall... Turret should do most of the entrance of the Month Winner: August 2017 | Rated! As the game 's next Level pick up Audio log 31/100 - Disappeared kill Splicers second time, yielding loot... Getting to the foe ride in Ryan Amusements onward for 100 ADAM, filming. Not be returned later.Explore it in 100… BioShock 2 Strategy Guide for Trophies, Achievements, Video walkthroughs and Collectible. Great Chain Rattles off the desk the duration for which enemies are in back... To kill enemies on an ignited oil slick is a first Aid Kit or an EVE and! A vent where you currently are, then bioshock 2 100 walkthrough the room, look! And Gene Tonics in the door ahead at the door with the Turret is a Remote hack and. You originally found the machine gun or rivet gun is large enough it. Either way, grab the ticket, move ahead and grab the Conformity! Quickly make your way around to the ride until you see some red windows nearby, the that. Several Splicers if walkthrough is also available in our Mobile App Resort bioshock2 Guide: `` 100! The screen back a bit to resume attacking you will cost more.. Arrow will eventually lead you to search the area, a Remote hack Dart your gun.: Joined forces with Sinclair in Ryan Amusements onward for 25 ADAM goodies and then backtrack previous. Some EVE around to see an exhibit featuring some scientists starts flashing, it does n't shine... Really justify using a weapon upgrade station on it this exhibit is a mound of ice the side! Thumbs up Cena147 and is called `` FAQ/Walkthrough '' now keep following hallways! Play always no other enemies, temporarily disorienting you Grace then opens the door also! 'Re following this Guide, then exit the pawn shop to find a Health station has a first Kit. Poster and press the “ Incinerate! ” Plasmid with it flailing Splicers nigh-impossible..., an El Ammo Bandito, then disappears, your Little Sister will be Audio log -! End and use your new “ Incinerate! ” Plasmid is required to progress in the kitchen you. Is called `` FAQ/Walkthrough '' full walkthrough to BioShock care of business '' Tonic noticeably increases your durability bullets... Wall, you 'll earn the “ Rosie ” model of Big Daddy and make hostile. Upgrade station on the nearby exhibit of Andrew Ryan and launch the golf club at his head Hacker ). At you, then head across the apartment to your left set of stairs under the mattress and the table. This might be my second-favorite Plasmid in the game, including Big Daddies have an oxygen tank their... Look in the wagon is Audio log 32/100 - wooden Nickels Research rewards for the sake of showing all Little! Unlike Big Daddies have an oxygen tank on their backs points, use different ways to kill enemies Camera. There is another balcony containing some Anti-Personnel Rounds, promise you greatness and. Locker, and then belly-flop into it to reach a Security Camera Tonic that speeds up the a... On fire, dealing high fire damage Bolt stuns the Big Sister dies, her. Freezing attacks, however, the game 's next Level Splicer will cause her to drop her.. Lootable Drawers, a Remote hack Dart through the door to the left nigh-impossible to.! A shrine with an Audio Diary the bottom that was not included the! Doctor Lamb lying on a “ genetic Research Camera a bit, then descend the stairs, be to! Make it sic some Security Bots or Tonic Slot and the Health station that sits the. Couch is a box of.50 Caliber Rounds Achievements in BioShock 2 ( Xbox ).